This is the start of something really BIG.

We started Skill.Game with the clear vision to becoming the biggest fully compliant skill gaming platform. Open for developers and content creators. But not only for professional studios. Also for hobby game creators who can develop their games or choose from a large number of templates, reaping fame and glory and earning Games Coins.

With our blockchain-based technology, we help content and game creators to upgrade their franchises by enabling reward-driven competition in their games. We offer a wide variety of blockchain functionalities and enable developers to use Games Coins –a next-generation cryptocurrency– to turn their competitive games into eSport and tournaments.

Prepare yourself for a gaming platform with hundreds of developers, thousands of games, and millions of users. Come with us on this journey

for all!

Skill.Game is a decentralized platform for the competitive gamer. We offer players different chances to earn rewards. The most proficient gamers will be able to generate a decent income, while the most competitively successful players could surpass well-paid job salaries.

Most games cash-in only. Skill.Game is completely different in this respect. With Skill.Game you can play your favorite games, shape your strategy and increase your skills to become a pro and get real-life value out of in-game goods through the use of cryptocurrency.

Skill.Game is Esports for everyone!

Valchain AG
Epic Cards GmbH

Our Partners

Core X Group
Open Esports League
Games Coin
Independent Digital Assets Alliance
Chronos Games

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