Skill.Game is a decentralized game channel to compete against players all around the world, and at the same time discover new games.

Skill Game

Choose a game and challenge your friends!

Choose from a great variety of mobile and desktop games. Play against people in your neighborhood, from another city in your country, or another continent. You can play games, create content and even reap fame and glory as a hobby game creator modifying one of our games.

Compete and win crypto-rewards

Play against people from all over the world, for fun, for great prizes or crypto-rewards. Skill.Game is a blockchain powered game channel where you can win great rewards as well as Games Coins –a next generation cryptocurrency.

Where gamers meet developers

As a blockchain-powered open platform Skill.Game helps developers to upgrade their franchises by enabling fair, fun, and reward-driven competition in their games. The platform enables developers to use blockchain and Games Coins to turn their competitive games into eSport and tournaments.

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